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Balinese Daybeds
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Sydney's largest range of quality Balinese products

At That Bali Shop,( Brookvale, NSW) we have  a diverse range of Balinese furniture, daybeds, soft furnishings, statues, gift and homewares .. We  import directly from our own 2 factories in Bali and guarantee the highest quality as well as the most competitive price value on almost any Balinese product in stock.Buy once - buy well!
We have made your shopping easy!! NO WAITING with our BUY NOW PAY LATER option.
Take your purchase home and use CERTEGY  EZI-PAY NO INTEREST EVER. Pay in monthly instalments. Information on-line or in-store. quick and easy.

 We have been operating in Bali for over 20 years, and accordingly our knowledge of the Indonesian market is constantly undated - knowledge that enables us to not only manufacture products of the highest quality but to also source the most beautiful and unique original furniture and stoneware.

Made-To-Order service

Along with the extensive range of Balinese products available in store, we are able to offer a "made to order service" - you simply tell us what you want and we'll do our best to either source it or make it for you. Buy once - buy well!


Indonesian Furniture

From our factory in Batubulan, Bali, our local craftsmen manufacture and restore a wide range of both traditional and modern Balinese furniture including daybeds, canopy beds, cabinets, tables & benches,] - all in A1 grade new teak or teak recycled from old house/bridges or boats.Original Teak Doors generally available.


Furniture and soft furnishings may be seen at our Brookvale shop or warehouse or,if in Bali, at one of the two shops in Bali, 'D&L Interiors' located in the Ubud area.
See contacts page..

Balinese & Javanese Daybeds

We have Sydney’s widest range of Balinese and Javanese Daybeds styles, many of which feature antique carved or painted panels making them wonderfully unique pieces


We supply an extensive range of cushions/mattress covers (zippered or elastic fitted) which are perfect for Daybeds.


All our Daybeds come with a quality Australian Standard foam mattress with a 5 year supplier warranty, a plain calico cover plus a cotton top mattress(either zippered or elastic fitted) cover and $100 value of FREE cushions.
We have made your shopping easy!! NO WAITING with ouBUY NOW PAY LATER option.
Take your purchase home and use CERTEGY EZI-PAY NO-INTEREST EVER option. Pay in agreed term monthly instalments.

Balinese Soft Furnishings

Fabrics available include traditional Batik hand printed fabrics, screen-printed Batik fabrics, an extensive colour range of plain Ikat woven fabrics, canvas and drill cotton.


Our fabrics are sewn into a wide range of unique soft furnishings that includes cushions,mattress covers (zippered or elastic fitted), mattresses, doona covers and stunning bedspreads.Made to order service offered.


Cushions are available in wide range of fabrics and sizes that cover just about any home decorating requirement including floor cushions, scatter cushions (square, oblong, round), meditation cushions, large/small bolsters, kapok filled mattress cushions and chair pads.

Balinese Statues

Our range of traditional and modern hand carved Balinese statues is always changing. We stock limestone and lava stone statues available in all sizes from 30cm to 1.5 metres in height, also Cast cement and Terracotta statues. If we haven't got what you need, we'll find it or have it carved  for you!


We stock a range of stoneware perfect for the garden, including pots, water features, traditional garden lanterns, plynths and bowls.
Statues/ bowls etc will be available to the public from our Brookvale warehouse, small statues will be available from the retail Brookvale shop.See contacts page...

Balinese Gifts & Homewares

We stock a wide range of unique Balinese gifts and homewares including:
  • Terracotta and stone candle and incense holders
  • Metal statues in Buddhas and dragons
  • Mirrors of all shapes and sizes
  • Carved wooden boxes
  • Colourful Balinese temple flags
  • Affirmation flags & cushions
  • Unusual and antique knick-knacks and much more


Shopping at That Bali Shop in Brookvale at the retail shop or the warehouse on Sydney's Northern Beaches, is more than just shopping - it's the closest you'll come to a Bali shopping holiday without leaving Sydney. See Contacts page for Addresses.


We accept most major credit cards in-store, we offer a lay-by service and online shopping (delivery charge additional) on some stock items.Buy well- buy less!
Please note: some items may have been sold so please contact us if you have an interest in any of the furniture items displayed.